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What a better way to write a review then record it in diary form, so here goes!

Saturday 5th August 2006


Yes it's convention day and I wake up and have a wash, shave and make sure I'm packed.

I'm off for the half hr walk to Shotton train station.

Here comes the train to Manchester and I'm off. It's a shame I'll be leaving by 4 but I'll be glad to meet the folks.

OK, I change train in Manchester and get on the 10.02 to Sheffield.

I'm in Sheffield and I try and find an internet cafe to print off my ticket.

Get my ticket from a Internet phone box and head off for the bus station.

Get the 69 bus to the Don Valley Stadium.

Mum phones and I try and tell her how to make a CD from my laptop whilst wandering around trying to find the Academy.

Hang up as Mum makes her CD and I eventually find the academy.

Everyone cheers as I enter and I soon realise that I didn't need the ticket at all as Swanny says 'Hiya March' and I soon spot Pughie, Debra, Kel and Caccy. Debra VERY soon persuades me to stay the night and kip on her hotel room floor. I take her up on the offer.

It seems that others might be having the same struggles as me to find the venue as Pughie tells me that their taxi driver got lost. I chat to Stewart & Andy from Eraser.

Swanny welcomes everyone and announces that the events will be slightly delayed so people can have a chance to actually find the venue!

Here we go and we're told to open the envelopes and inside are bingo tickets, an EIS 04 pencil, swap shop tickets and another ticket where we were told to put our names on. Swanny then collected them in for 'Grab A Bag'

Quiz time and we're seperated off into different groups. On our envelopes were numbers and people who had 1 and 2 on theirs were in one and so on. I was ina group with the 10s and 11s and we call ourselves 'Caught In A Spin' after Andy's solo track.

John Marshall hosts the quiz and is quick to point out that he didn't write the questions as he is as shocked as we are at the first question: "Vince once performed a parachute jump, at which height did he exit the plane?"

We're doing OK on the lyrics section as me and Rory, another guy in our team, manage to correctly name four of the five songs.

It's time for the answers and I happily shout out many correct answers. Debra shouts: "Hey Steven, your anorak's here!" I get a spot prize of the CD single of Andy's 2nd release.

The winners are announced and our team come in a fine joint second place. The winners are a team called 'The PSBs' and then the auction is done. Rory and Debra have a battle for the prize .... which is a chance to perform with Andy from Eraser one of the songs from their setlist and have it recorded and sent to them as a 1-track CD single. Rory is eventually triumphant.

Biffo happily props up the bar whilst John conducts the Swap Shop15.45
It's the second 'Grab A Bag' which is instantly followed by the Swap Shop, again hosted by John.

It's not proving too successful as items are being swapped with beers and promises of sex, much to John's amusment!

John signs off with a promise of 'two girls in fancy dress' saying they've already gone to change.

After a short break where everyone chats and erm, drinks, John introduces Rory to the stage where he treats us to Love To Hate You. He's got a brilliant voice and there was a rapturous applause for him at the end.

Angie, myself and Dee17.00
As the fifth hour of the convention begins, all heads turn to the door and it's safe to say that every single jaw of the male gathering dropped to the floor as Angie and her sister Dee enter the room in small and tight police outfits and knee and thigh boots respectively. The first to get their photo taken with them is the 'babe magnet' himself, Biffo who seems to be utterly delighted. Andrew and Clive also get their photos taken as of course I do as well as Eraser get ready to do their first set - album tracks and chiller tracks.

As the excitement of Ang and Dee's entrance recedes, Eraser launch into their set.

Pughie and myself have some fun with Debra's feather boa whilst opposite Biffo can't decide whether to sit on Shazza's or Kelly's lap and alternates happily between the two.

The room bursts into song as Eraser sing 'Spiralling' with everyone joining in the words.

Angie, Shazza's arm/hand, Dee & Biffo17.46
Biffo has now found happiness on the lap of Dee with Angie's police hat glued on his head. He happily wiggles to the beat of 'Love Affair' whilst me, Pughie, Debra, Cactus, Kelly and Shazza look on in amusement.

Biffo has put the two girls down and moves onto the dancefloor with Kelly in tow as the two dance to 'You Surround Me' - what will Mrs Biffo say?

Eraser finish their set but will be back on later. Swanny takes the mic and says the sound of everyones bellies rumbling is too much for her and she announces the opening of the buffet. I get a nice photo of Angie and Dee without Biffo all over them!

I check into my girlfriend who's packing to go away and I tell her I miss her etc etc etc

mOOger takes the stage and launches the first of his two disco sets to get everyone in the dancing mood.

We're all having fun on the dancefloor with all the forum regulars bopping around, me going up and down like the Duracell bunny, I need more Erasure discos!

Eraser get ready to come on for a second set and they enter to the intro of Knocking On Your Door and everyone is on their feet dancing within seconds.

Swanny & Andrew20.45
Everyone is bopping around on the dancefloor, not least me as I'm still going like the Duracell bunny. Biffo is happily jigging along with Ang and Dee whilst mOOger keeps a close eye on everything by dancing alongside and even treating us to an air guitar!

During Oh L'amour Stewart has a costume change and comes back on in Circus era clothing. I dance with Ang and Dee during the final chorus too!

Stewart & Angie21.33
During Stop, Stewart gets Ang and Dee to do the dance with him, which I think they very much enjoy.

We have Sometimes and A Little Respect for the encore and Shazza, Debra, me, Ang and Dee all link up.

For the final encore we have Home and Hideaway and again we all link arms and kick our feet up in the air ... sometimes colliding.

In walks Ewan, now in drag for his performance as DJ Melinda as everyone cheers and laughs and takes photos of Ewan's 'moment'.

Andy and Stewart offer Angie and Dee a chance to dance on stage with them at Clumber Park and they very happily take them up on the offer, however the attention is soon drawn to Biffo, who is spotted with his pants around his ankles and is wondering around the foyer in his boxer shorts. I wisely don't get any photos of Biffo at this time!

The room starts to slowly empty as people start to leave including Kerry, Lou, Ang, Dee & Phil. I chat to Andrew outside about Formula One.

DJ mOOger23.30
Everyone is in full swing in the disco and my batteries haven't drained quite yet. Ewan has retreated and given control over to mOOger who gets classic after classic blaring out. Biffo, now with his pants firmly back on, is boogying around the dancefloor with a feather boa and his shirt soaked in sweat. The feather boa though is soon in the hands of Richy and Angela though!

Swanny comes on the microphone and says thankyou to everyone for a wonderful day. And with that the disco blares into the final two songs of 'Sometimes' and 'Stop!'

Silence. It's all over. The remaining people all take posters with Swanny's kind permission and most of the regulars are left shattered includijng mOOgs, Caccy, Biffo, Kelly and Pughie.

Debra and I catch a lift back to the Carlton Park Hotel where we're staying.

Well I'm signing off now as I get myself into bed. A great night was had by all I'm sure


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