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If your phone is WAP enabled and has a colour screen then you can download one of our exciting Erasure colour backgrounds for your phone! 

We are now offering exciting downloads for your mobile phone just for the cost of your WAP connection! That's right! No texting numbers that will charge you three pounds a wallpaper and no 0906 premium rate numbers. it's purely just the connection of your WAP! If you connect via GPRS then downloading a wallpaper can cost you less than 10 pence!!!

The following backgrounds will work on any colour screen phone with WAP connection. If there are any download problems, these are down to Tag Tag so please email them at

These backgrounds HAVE been tested and downloaded.

1. go to on your WAP browser
2. click enter site
3. go to
4. enter the code 60745812149
5. the image will be downloaded and refitted for your phone.
6. if you wish to edit it click 'edit'
7. click 'ok' to save it to your phone
8. the image will then be received and refer to your phone's manual to check how to save it.

Service provided by Erasure Interactive & TagTag /


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